Vision & Mission


The real prosperity of a country depends in its seats of learning, in its cultivated citizens, in its men of education, enlightenment and character. Thinking this in mind, we at Kumaran Polytechnic College will impart futuristic technical education and instill high patterns of discipline through out dedicated staff, who shall set global standards, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life of the human kind.

\”Our Students are to be job Creators and not job Seekers.\”



What our youth think today, the Nation will think tomorrow. The Destiny of a Nation is folded within its budding youth, as is the flower within the close embrace of the petals. Our Mission is to educate students from all over Tamil Nadu including those from the Urban and Rural areas so that they become enlightened individuals improving the living standards of their families and the society. We will provide individual attention to each and every student in quality of education and character building. Our aim is to mould our students to become entrepreneurs. To improve the personality development of the students, we are conducting guest Lecturers and group discussions. We are organizing periodical industrial visits to get exposure about the practical applications. By these activities the students get chances to understand the real industrial scenario.