Vice Chairman Message


Vice Chairman

Wholeheartedly welcome you to Kumaran Polytechnic College Tiruvannamalai, a temple of learning, dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities to you who aspire for academic excellence. 
KPC places the highest value on comprehensive, professional, and socially-relevant education incorporating curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that enable every student at the college to acquire skills essential for facing the challenges of real life . It also fosters and encourages a sense of social responsibility to serve others who are less privileged and sidelined in the society.
Perspective students and parents are welcome to browse our responsive website for smart information. The web site contains important information such as academic requirements, rules and regulations that you need to know and follow in order to be true details of the staff members, information about the clubs, committees and cells, lists of co-curricular activities to update you each day and a visual glimpse of the institute and of various activities.

I wish you all success in all your academic pursuits, extracurricular undertakings and overall development.