The Department of Physical Education FOCUS at encouraging the LEARNERS COMMUNITY to participate in indoor and outdoor games and improves the dynamic sportsman qualities and fitness. Students are encouraged to participate in various tournaments, games, matches and sports organized by Inter and Intra colleges. Our students bag 10 medals every year.
1Acupuncture Walk-way machine1 Lane
2Ball Badminton – Court2 No.
3Basket ball – Court ( One Court with Floodlit)1 No.
4Cricket2 Pitch
5Cricket Net2 Nos.
6Kabaddi Court1 No.
7Football Field1 No.
8Hockey Field1 No.
9Obstacles Race1 Set
10Roman Ring1 Set
11Tennis Court with Floodlit2 Nos.
12Track & Field – 400 mts. Track8 Lanes
13Volleyball Court ( One Court with Floodlit)2 Nos.
14Volleyball Court (Ladies Hostel-II)1 No.
15Basketball Court (Ladies Hostel-II)1 No.
16Tennikoit Court (Ladies Hostel-II)3 Nos.