Selection is Provisional and can be confirmed after the approval from the Director of Technical Education. Every Student should attend the classes regularly and punctually. They Should not leave the institution without permission from the Head of the Institution. No Student should use any intoxicant in any form inside the institution or in its Premises. Any Student who is willfully in subordinate, mischievous or guilty of malpractice in examinations, accordingly to the degree of the offence censured, the student will be suspended or dismissed from the institute. Perfect discipline must be maintained inside the classroom and in the campus. All the students will have to wear the prescribed uniform, without uniform students will no be allowed to attend the class. Candidates securing less than 80% attendance will not be permitted to appear for the Board Examination. 5% Shortage of attendance can be condoned only by the principal for genuine cases. It cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Absence or leave without prior permission is considered as breach of discipline, and the student is liable for fine or any other punishment considered fit by the Principal